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On Tap

YARD BREATHER - East Coast IPA - 6.5% ABV

A delightful blend of Citra and Mosaic hops are showcased in this balanced IPA with restrained bitterness. Bright, citrus flavors dominate this smooth, quaffable beer. 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner. A crowd favorite, our most popular IPA.

WYSACKY - American Stout - 5.0% ABV

- Smooth and easy drinking American stout. Roasted malts bring out the chocolate flavors in this beer.

JUST DEAL WIT IT - Belgian-style Wheat Ale - 5% ABV

Classic, light, fluffy, Belgian-style witbier. Brewed with coriander, chamomile, orange peel, and local wheat.

CRAZY SOCKS LAGER - Pale Lager - 5% ABV-

Our take on an American Lager. Zuper Saazer hops provide an ever so subtle spiciness. This unfiltered beer is crisp, clean, and great for hot days.

COOL AMBER - Amber Lager - 4.6% ABV

A smooth, sessionable, malty lager. With just a hint of rye, this beer is the perfect balance of light and dark.

FOOTBRIDGE - American IPA - 6.4% ABV

Simcoe, Centennial, and Amarillo hops are showcased in this dry, West-Coast Style IPA. Piney, citrusy, and slightly floral with a firm bitterness.

WAXTOBERFEST - Märzen Lager - 6.0% ABV

Brewed with traditional German malts and lager yeast. This perennial favorite is malty, with slight bready and toasty flavors. A perfect beer to bring in the fall.

BEACH VIBES - Fruited Berliner Weisse - 4% ABV

This is a kettle-soured Berliner Weisse with massive amounts of pineapple and passion fruit added to the fermenter. Fruity, tropical, and slightly sour; this beer makes you think you are at the beach.

TJ’S ALE - Historical Ale with Molasses - 5.7% ABV

A modern interpretation of Thomas Jefferson’s recipe. Best described as an old English Ale with the addition of molasses.

WITCH’S BREW - Pumpkin Brown Ale - 6.1% ABV

This is a brown ale brewed with pumpkin that also has pumpkin pie spices added to to boil. The aroma smells like pumpkin pie. Subtle pumpkin and spice flavor in the taste are balanced enough without being overly spicy. A great beer to bring in the fall!

White Wine

Barone Fini - Pinot Grigio

Canonball - Chardonnay

Arona - Sauvignon Blanc

Prosseco - Italian Sparkling Wine/On Tap

Kings Ridge - Riesling


Red Wine

Artisan - Pinot Noir

Tacho - Malbec

Josh Cab - Cabernet Sauvignon

Andrew Peace - Red Blend

Barone Fini- Merlot


Neil and Anita Gimon,

The journey began 5 years ago, when Neil Gimon looked at the positions he had with some of the largest companies, and how many times he had been laid off, and decided to work to be in control of his own destiny.   After being a home brewer for over 20 years and winning awards as well as thumbs up from people that drank his beer, Neil looked at the growing craft beer movement and thought ‘there are great breweries up in Charlotte, but nothing down here in Waxhaw.   In fact, the closest brewery was over 20 miles away in Charlotte, and there is a beer hungry audience in the area that was looking to have a great craft brewery in their backyard!

After sharing his idea with his wife, Anita, they began to plan out the brewery, listening to advice from other brewery owners, as well as Neil taking classes for the International Brewery and Distillery test.   They both centered on Waxhaw as the place for the brewery.  Both loved the town, as well as the history.

It took them a year and a half to find the perfect location.  Right on Main Street of Waxhaw, in the old Volunteer Fire Department building.  It was perfectly located, and had a floor that was 8 inches thick concrete, enough to support several fire engines, or a 10 Barrel Brewery!

They were turned down by 9 banks for their Small Business Association Loan, before getting approval from a local bank.  From there it took 6 months to close the loan, as well as 4 months of construction.   The Fire House had great bones, but every electrical line had to be pulled out of the building, all of the existing plumbing had to be upgraded, a new air conditioner and heater had to be installed, as well as other improvements needed to brew beer.

Neil and Anita hope that all of you enjoy our brewery and our beers!


Skyler Lachenmayr - Head Brewer

Skyler Lachenmayr - Head Brewer

Tom Savage - Assistant Brewer

Tom Savage - Assistant Brewer

Contact Us

Dreamchaser’s Brewery
115 E. North Main Street
Waxhaw, NC28173

Phone: 704.843.7326

Email:  info@dreamchasersbrewery.com 




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